Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Not me!" Monday


By now, you all know that I am a perfect wife and mother. All who meet me IRL or through my blog are generally amazed and dazzled by my perfection. I am always confident, talented, forgiving, creative, thoughtful, patient, in control, kind, nonjudgmental...just to name a few of my traits. To prove my exemplary mothering, wifing and homemaking skills here is a list of things I did not and would not ever do...

I did NOT feed the boys Crispix with strawberries, bananas and milk for dinner tonight.

I did NOT leave our beach bag sitting in our family room a full two weeks after I took the boys to the beach. I did NOT finally clean it up only because our housekeeper was coming.

I do NOT make my boys have their time-outs in our bathrooms.

It has NOT been 1 million years since I last worked out.

I did NOT only do a whopping two miles on the treadmill...with no incline.

I do NOT only own one bra. I did NOT have to wear it to my late night workout then rush home to wash it so that I could wear it the next day. (And no, I'm not talking about a sports bra...I don't even own one of those!)

I did NOT make sure that Scott had sunscreen on his back while spending all morning at the pool. He did NOT get horribly sunburned.

I did NOT eat my dinner standing in my bathroom watching the boys take a bath.

I did NOT preheat the toaster oven, put in frozen chicken nuggets, turn them over at the halfway point and take them out when they were "done" only to realize that the toaster oven was not plugged in.

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  1. LOLOLOLOL @ the nuggets in the toaster oven!!!!!

    And oh, woman, I SO hear you on the bra thing.... *sigh*

  2. OH, and it's not even Monday yet! ha ha! so funny! At least your chicken nuggets had thawed out! hee hee! We love cereal for dinner, too! You ARE so an awesome mom! I love your Not Me's!

  3. LOL- you crack me up!!

  4. I see nothing wrong with a Crispix dinner but yeah, you should have noticed the nuggets were still ice cold at the halfway point. lol

  5. Only one bra...that is HOPE my friend...;) If my girls only had 1 home and I popped a knotch, I could give someone a black eye!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July.

  6. Sounds like perfection to me! ;o) Mom's across America don't feed thier children cereal for dinner? Your making be feel like a normal mom...or I will go with your words...PERFECT...thanks for the laughs.

  7. Breakfast for dinner rocks (brinner!). It's a weekly thing around here.

  8. Sounds like perfection.....

  9. being a mom means you make ANYTHING work!

  10. Oh my gosh, are hilarious!!!!!

    LOL about the beach bag, and the bathroom!! Hahaha!!

  11. Well all this goes without saying - just because it's summer...

  12. Too your blog...Just blog hopping and enjoyed reading yours....I love making new blog friends and love looking at all the different blog designs.

  13. I laughed at the nuggets one. I did that before with waffles.

  14. I have had to do the bra thing before when I started to work out but once Victoria's Secret had a big sale last year I ended up with 3 YES 3 really good bras for about 60 bucks. My size is not a really famous one :)

    And just FYI Target has really good sports bras for about 16 bucks!

    And the chicken nuggets one, I have SO done that!!

    I am so jealous, you have a cleaning lady!!

  15. LOL!!
    I love it!!
    I am so glad to (not) be the only one who picks up the clutter and moves stuff around because the house cleaners are coming!! Speaking of which, I have to get my bathroom put back together before they come tomorrow. I've been cleaning out my 6-ft tall open&shove hiding place :)


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