Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Still catching up...

In my opinion, using Facebook to catch up on blogging is cheating.  Of course, that didn't stop me from doing it yesterday.  I also believe that using Instagram phone photos is cheating for blogging.  But it's not going stop me from doing that today.

I used to carry my camera everywhere.  It was an extension of my right hand.  But with more kids, comes schlepping more stuff.  And the camera was left home.  For a special occasion, I might remember to grab it.

Luckily, my phone is always on me.  It's replaced my camera as my appendage of choice.  And since it has a camera built in, I try and capture some of the daily goings on for my family.  Here are some photos from the past several months (from newest to oldest) to help "catch up" on my blogging.

1. Logan at his Spring concert  2.  Jack setting up flags at veteran's graves for Memorial Day  3. Des and Bri "helping" Papa work  4. riding scooters and bikes in our newly paved alley  5. solar eclipse  6. camping in the backyard  7. trying out the air mattress  8. the boys reading together  9. ice cube tray lunch for the girls

1. the girls after an evening walk  2. surviving Spring Break  3.  Des getting her hair done  4. reading in bed together  5. the boys' silliness at dinner  6. Bri's silliness at the park  7. goofing off in Des' bed  8. "walking" home from school (but the boys are being pulled in a wagon  9. another park during Spring Break  10. Easter egg hunt with friends  11. Jack's class art project  12.  Logan's class art project  13.  beach clean-up for Earth Day

1. my decorated cast from carpal tunnel surgery  2. the pretty in pink girls  3. an outing to the beach with just Jack and Bri  4. Logan asleep at 5pm  5. Yordanos and the girls after Ethiopian dance class  6. opening Valentines on the jungle gym  7. my 4 beach babies  8. Jack and Bri sleeping  9. Logan at the kinder Thanksgiving feast

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  1. I don't care if it's cheating. I love it. Your kids look so happy and what an amazing time they are having all growing up together. Good job, Momma (and dear old friend). Love you!


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