Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random bits of randomness

My blogging has nose-dived again. But I really want to set things down so that I have the funny stories, the little quirks, the feelings to read about and share with my kids in the future. As such, this post is about the little random bits of randomness of our daily life.

I guess I haven't had my toenails painted since the girls have been home. After having them done (and red) recently, Des and Bri kept inspecting them and saying "Owie, owie, owie!" They thought all of my toes were bleeding and I was hurt.

Logan recently convinced me that he is responsible enough for his very own pet. So, I let him pick one out and name it. Logan is the proud owner of a snail named Love whose favorite food are brussel sprout leaves.

The girls' first party dresses!

Fun with the hose for Logan!

Bri splashing!

Des is always the comedian!


Jack takes his strawberry picking seriously!

The girls take it seriously too!

Finally! A half decent photo of all my four beautiful babies!

Ole' blue eyes!

Even weapon-welding Logan is cute!

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