Sunday, October 4, 2009

Who's who?

Which little monkey:
  • Was re-telling me about the time he went swimming in a river and said, "Mama, I saw a whole school of fish! But I didn't see their teacher"?
  • Gave his special sticker from his teacher to his brother because his brother didn't earn one?
  • Got so excited when my tooth (crown) fell out because he thought I could put it under my pillow and get a visit from the tooth fairy and then was so disappointed to find out that grown-ups' teeth have to be put back in their mouths?

Which little love bug:
  • Exited school, took off his baseball hat and offered me the cucumber that he had been keeping on top of his head since snack time?
  • Refers to the new kids at school, less than a year younger than him, as lil' fellas?
  • Whenever he is called to make a wish (on a star or with a coin in a fountain), wishes for a steak?


  1. Don't they just say the cutest things??? Cute!!
    The pics are great too!

  2. They are impossibly adorable, those kids!!!!!!!! I know it may not always be the case 24/7, I have two boys as well, LOL, but at times like these, they're so sweet.

    Those blue eyes.... those smiles...

  3. Oh Carey, I LOVE those little monkeys! They could write a book with those sweet quotes! They always make me smile :)

    Happy Monday!

  4. its comforting to know that my children arent the only ones who bring things home from school in strange places. gotta love boys, life never gets boring!

  5. Oh my! they do say the best things ever! You really could make a book with all their sayings. So cute!

  6. Cute, cute, cute. They have such adorable personalities!

    Saw your comment on the post of big brother and his little China Doll sister...keep strong, I know the wait has been so long for you all. I will be your follower all the way there, and back. (((hug)))

  7. Oh my gosh, he saved a cucumber for you all day under his hat...that is love. :) Too funny. Love that he didn't see the teacher of the school of fish. CUTE pictures too.

  8. Aren't you glad you're writing all of this down? This is priceless stuff!

  9. TOO cute!! Did he make you take a bite out of the cucumber that he kept under his hat for you? LOL! That was just so sweet of him. :)

    Glad you stopped by... :) I'm your newest follower!

  10. The "lil fellas" comment made me LOL because it reminds me of my oldest sons friend. He says the same thing, and the way he says it is sooooo funny!~

    Love those baby blues!!!!!!!!!

  11. I would wish for steak too. And a fairy to come over and cook it for me. Cute.

  12. Hehehe all of those things are so cute and funny, especially the cucumber under the hat! HAHA!

  13. Get outta here! Are those eyes for real?? I mean, they are so very mesmerizing. Absolutely stunning! Guh-gorgeous. Shall I go on? Cause I could!

    Boy oh boy, the two of them had me rolling. Seriously, they do say the funniest things. Awesome!

  14. The pictures are really nice. The little baby is looking very cute. Thanks for sharing them here.


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